Why, hello there. 👋🏼

I’m Sam. The pleasure is mine.

Lover of hot coffees, WordPress, solo-dance-parties & kid snuggles. Community Manager for Developer Relations @ WP Engine.

Private notes about balancing ambition, peace, and purpose. 👇🏼

    Design & Development

    I have worked with clients worldwide, crafting and implementing unique WordPress solutions to create their digital universes. My work and consultation have helped women-owned businesses generate millions of dollars in revenue.

    As I lean into my life & family, I am no longer available for new projects.

    Content + Community

    I explore topics of WordPress, web design, development, the intersections of life & career, and being an intentional freelancer.

    most recently…

    Build Mode

    Live conversations about modern WordPress, the future of the Site Editor and how it all impacts business owners. Co-hosted with Brian Gardner.

    Making Website Magic

    I co-hosted a podcast alongside Karyn Paige from 2021 to 2022 all about empowering women in their web design businesses. There you can also find an assortment of helpful WordPress and other technical how-to’s.